Baby Rhino Born at Australia Zoo

First Queensland Rhino Baby Born Today
Australia Zoo announces new addition to its family PLUS the chance to name her!

Win the chance to name our gorgeous baby Rhino

Australia Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of our first Baby Rhino this morning AEST 3.15am Tuesday 12 April 2011.

Manu Ludden, Head of Australia Zoo’s Africa Department, said the female calf, weighing between 50 and 60 kilos, is doing extremely well, and has already started feeding from her proud mother Caballe (pronounced KA-BARL-EE).

“Our little Rhino Calf was on the move immediately after being born and she has already had at least three good long feeds,” Manu said.

“She is a really active little girl, and we couldn’t be happier with her progress.
“Mum is also doing well. She is super relaxed and she seems quite content with her new little calf,” she said.

Caballe has been with Australia Zoo since August 2010 after she travelled from Hamilton Zoo in Auckland. Caballe is a Southern White Rhinoceros which is listed as Near Threatened by IUCN due to continued poaching threats and the high illegal demand for its horn.

One of Africa’s ‘Big 5′ animals, the Rhino is endangered, with an estimated 20,150 White Rhinos left in the wild, and 780 in captivity.
“White Rhinos are doing the best of all the Rhino species, numbering more than all the other species put together,” said Manu.
“This hasn’t always been the case though, with numbers dropping to less than 100 individuals at the turn of the century, so they are a great success story.”
Australia Zoo is part of a regional co-operative programme, working with other zoos in Australasia to maximise breeding potential and genetic diversity of the White Rhino.

“Poaching remains the Rhinos’ biggest threat, but through intense anti-poaching strategies, numbers have climbed, however they are still highly at risk,” said Manu.
This is Cabelle’s fourth calf, and the first Rhino to be born at Australia Zoo. To celebrate, Australia Zoo is offering the public to name her via auction website eBay. Visit for more information. All money raised will go to Australia Zoo Conservation Projects in Africa.

Whilst the calf needs time now to get to know her mum, she will remain off display, however Australia Zoo is very excited to offer the public the chance to meet her when our Africa exhibit opens in time for the September School Holidays!

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